Flakboy 3 is an upgraded and funnier version of the hilarious Flakboy series

This game contains nothing but splatter humor and ridiculous dolls which are being turned into blood stings all over the room.

Flakboy 3

Your mission is much like Flakboy 2, however with the upgraded and renewed graphics you're recommended to try Flakboy 3 if you thought number two was fun as well. Just as in the previous games your mission is to set traps for a doll-like character, and then hit the play button and watch the creature being thrown around and shot with lasers etc. This game is quite a lot of fun once you understand how the traps work!

Whenever you finish a level a bunch of new weapons unlocks and you can proceed to the next level. You also have a budget which will rise each time you finish a track successfully. You can use the budget to buy traps and weapons that will make Flakboy 3 even funnier.

The animations are still superior along with the sound effects and graphics, and the gore looks almost even worse than before. The game is super time consuming and will eat its way through your clock, so watch out or you might end up staying up all night! There's also an achievement feature which might trigger your interest! Do something awesome and you will be rewarded with achievements and medals for it. Those achievements will give you even more motivation to continue blowing up the poor doll!